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Economics Major Featured in Forbes Article about Financial Literacy for Millennials

May 2017

Spelman Economics Major Danielle RobinsonEconomics major and Spanish minor Danielle Robinson, C’2018, was featured in a recent Forbes magazine article on her efforts to educate millennials on personal finance.

The article focused on the need for colleges and universities to invest more in helping minority millennials increase their financial literacy. Forbes highlighted Robinson as an example of a young person who took the initiative to become more financially literate and help others do the same.

“My experience at Spelman has given me the inspiration to educate the African-American community about personal finance, and the confidence to pursue these goals," she said in the story. Read the Forbes article.

As president of the Community Foundation for Financial Literacy and co-vice president of the Economics Club at Spelman, the article noted Robinson has participated in several on-campus workshops on investing, budgeting, saving, and maintaining a good credit score.

Creating Generational Wealth and Fostering Financial Literacy

Economics Major Danielle RobinsonThe Orlando, Florida native who also serves as historian of the Morehouse Business Association will intern this summer at Accenture Strategy in Atlanta, Georgia and has previous professional experience from working at McKinsey & Company. In her free time, Robinson enjoys playing piano and tennis.

“Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, from my grandparents owning a church and daycare to my parents owning rental properties, I was surprised to learn that not everyone is as fortunate to receive financial educational so early in life as I was. I want the organization to be a safe space for students whose families treated money as a taboo subject," said Robinson.

Standing on the Shoulders of Her Spelman Sisters

"Throughout my matriculation at Spelman, I've been surrounded by such great student role models. In fact, I became involved with The Community Foundation for Financial Literacy, after Kendyl Curry C'15 (then-Economics Club President) and Sequoia Clay C’15 strongly encouraged that I get involved in their high school mentorship program. That opportunity allowed me to grow into a successful leader and role model for others."

Encouraging Students Inside and Outside of Classroom

"Students are bombarded daily with messages from social media to spend money, whether it be brunch, new clothes, etc. The organization is designed to teach students to enjoy college, but in a way that is financially sustainable."
"It is crucial that my Spelman sisters develop great financial habits in college, so that they are a step above their peers once they leave Spelman's gates. I strongly believe that financial education is a key pillar to their success."